IGNOU BA Philosophy Study Material Free Download

IGNOU BA Philosophy Study Material

The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides Ignou BA Philosophy study material to all its students for all the required courses. The university provides the study material in the form of pdf books which contains different chapters covering the complete syllabus. These are also known as IGNOU BA Philosophy Books.

The Ignou BA Philosophy books pdf provided by the university contains the study blocks covering all the programme syllabus in the form of Chapters. Each BA Philosophy course has its related books for study.

The Ignou BPY study material provided by the university can be used by the students to prepare for their Term End Examination. Also, they can find the assignment solutions in these books. It contains the syllabus in very simple form which is easily understandable by learners.

IGNOU BA Philosophy Books PDF Free Download

After the registration of IGNOU BA Philosophy programme is completed, the university send the IGNOU BA Philosophy study material at the student’s door step via Registered post/ Speed Post. The study material is dispatched to the students after few days of taking admission. It should be noted that study material will be provided to the students in the same medium of instruction in which he/she opts the course.

Sometimes, the students may face delay in receiving their study material at home. In such cases, they do not need to worry and must visit their respective study centre to inquire about their study notes. If still the problem do not resolves, the students can also download the IGNOU Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy study material from the university website at below mentioned link in the form of PDF files:

IGNOU BPY 1 Study Material (Indian Philosophy: Part I)

Block-1Introduction to Indian PhilosophyDownload
Block-4Heterodox SystemsDownload

IGNOU BPY 2 Study Material (Logic: Classical and Symbolic)

Block-1Nature of LogicDownload
Block-3Symbolic Logic: StatementsDownload
Block-4Symbolic Logic: ArgumentsDownload

IGNOU BPY 3 Study Material (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy)

Block-1Introduction to PhilosophyDownload
Block-2Greek Philosophy: Early PhilosophersDownload
Block-3Greek Philosophy: Classical PeriodDownload
Block-4Medieval PhilosophyDownload

IGNOU BPY 4  Study Material (Religious of the World)

Block-1Introduction to ReligionDownload
Block-2Religions of Indian OriginDownload
Block-3Religions of Middle-East OriginDownload
Block-4Other ReligionsDownload


IGNOU BPY 5 Study Material (Indian Philosophy: Part II)

Block-1Orthodox Systems-1Download
Block-2Orthodox Systems-2Download
Block-3Indian Philosophical MovementsDownload
Block-4Contemporary Indian ThinkersDownload

IGNOU BPY 6 Study Material (Metaphysics)

Block-1Definition and Nature Of MetaphysicsDownload
Block-2Metaphysical Structure of Finite BeingDownload
Block-3Metaphysical Nature of Finite BeingDownload
Block-4Notion of BeingDownload

IGNOU BPY 7 Study Material (Ethics)

Block-1Perspectives in Ethics -WesternDownload
Block-2Perspectives in Ethics –IndianDownload
Block-3Moral ConsciousnessDowload
Block-4Social EthicsDownload

IGNOU BPY 8 Study Material (Modern Western Philosophy)

Block-1Renaissance and EnlightenmentDownload
Block-4Idealism and PositivismDownload


IGNOU BPY 9 Study Material (Contemporary Western Philosophy)

Block-1Foundations of Contemporary PhilosophyDownload
Block-2Early Continental PhilosophyDownload
Block-3Later Continental PhilosophyDownload
Block-4Analytical PhilosophyDownload

IGNOU BPY 10 Study Material (Epistemology)

Block-2Sources of BeliefDownload
Block-3Methods and Justification of KnowledgeDownload
Block-4The Knowing SubjectDownload

IGNOU BPY 11 Study Material (Philosophy of Human Person)

Block-1Approaches to the Study of Human PersonDownload
Block-2Origin and End of Human PersonDownload
Block-3Nature of Human PersonDownload
Block-4Human Person and SocietyDownload

IGNOU BPY 12 Study Material (Philosophy of Science and Cosmology)

Block-1Pre-Copernican Philosophy of Science and CosmologyDownload
Block-2Mechanical Philosophy of NatureDownload
Block-3Contemporary Philosophy of ScienceDownload
Block-4Contemporary Philosophy of Nature/CosmologyDownload

IGNOU BPYE 1 Study Material (Philosophy of Religion)

Block-01Nature and Origin of ReligionDownload
Block-02Problem of Affirming God’s ExistenceDownload
Block-03Religious Language and Religious ExperienceDownload
Block-04Religious Pluralism and Post-Modern TrendsDownload

IGNOU BPYE 2 Study Material (Tribal and Dalit Philosophy)

Block-01The Story of the TribalsDownload
Block-02The Philosophy of the TribalsDownload
Block-03The Story of DalitsDownload
Block-04The Philosophy of DalitsDownload
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