Ignou Courses 2019

Ignou Courses 2019 – The Indira Gandhi National Open University is very much famous with its short name “IGNOU”. It is one of biggest distance learning universities in the world. At present the university has been offering admission to more than 226 courses, out of which most of the them are distance learning courses.

The IGNOU has become the face of distance learning in India as it has played a very important role in the establishment of Distance Education Council (DEC) in India. The DEC is the organisation which has set up the the standards of Distance Learning in India for all the Institutes which are offering education through distance education mode.

At present, Approximately, 15 lakh students are enrolled with IGNOU and the university has established more than 961 Study Centers across India.

The university has also setup 21 different Schools to handle different disciplines such as Law, Science, Management, Computer and Information Sciences,Agriculture, Education, etc. All the programmes offered by university comes under certain discipline and School. The Schools of IGNOU are responsible for designing and developing the content and syllabus for any Ignou course.

Ignou Courses list 2019

Some of these distance learning courses are

  • Doctoral Programmes (Ph.D)(44),
  • Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) (10),
  • Master Degree (34),
  • Bachelor Degree (14),
  • Bachelor Preparatory Programme (1),
  • Diploma
  • Post Graduate Diploma (57),
  • Advanced Certificate (2),
  • Post Graduate Certificate (10),
  • Postdoctoral Certificate (1),
  • Certificate (45),
  • Awareness/ Non-Credit (7),
  • Online (1)

Doctoral Programmes (Ph.D):

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Economics
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Hindi
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – History
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Political Science
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Child Development
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Library and Information Sciences
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Rural Development
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Physics
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – English
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Education
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Public Administration
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Distance Education
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Mathematics
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Sociology
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Commerce
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Social Work
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) – Womens Studies
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Tourism Studies

To know more about these Ignou courses, you can refer the university official website at following URL: Click Here

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