IGNOU ANC 1 Question Paper

IGNOU ANC 1 Question Paper

Ignou ANC 1 Question Paper Dec 2018, June 2018, Dec 2017, June 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 – It is good to download previous question papers of this Application Oriented course. The course name is “Nutrition for the Community”.

It can help students in better preparation for their upcoming June or December term end examination.They can secure good marks by solving previous papers.

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The ANC 1 question paper of last 10 years can be easily downloaded from the university official website. For the student’s convenience, we have provided the direct link to our website to download papers.

If you are looking for Ignou ANC 1 solved question papers, please send email at [email protected]

The important detail about this course has been mentioned below:

  • Course Name: Nutrition for the Community
  • Course Code: ANC-01
  • Category: Application Oriented Programme
  • Programme: Bachelor’s Degree programme (BDP)

Detail about IGNOU ANC 1 question paper

It is of 100 marks paper and the maximum allowed time to complete this paper is three hours.

In term of total marks, it carries 70% weightage whereas 30% weightage has been given to Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA).

Note: Students have to submit the Ignou ANC-1 assignment in Hindi or English in their concerned study centres before filling up the examination. If not submitted, the result will not be declared for this course.

IGNOU ANC 1 question paper format

There are a total number of eight questions in the paper out of which students have to write answers to five questions only.

Question no.1 is compulsory and the students can choose to write answers to other four questions out of remaining seven questions. All questions carry equal marks.Students can write answers in their chosen medium of instruction i.e. English or Hindi.

Here, the students will be able to download last five-year question papers in the form of PDF file. They can either take print out or save the pdf file on their mobile or desktop.

Here are few important questions which may appear in the upcoming ANC-1 exam:

Ques1. Explain any four important factors to be considered while planning meals, with the help of suitable examples.

Ques2. Discuss any three major causes of food spoilage.

Ques3. Briefly, describe:

  • Biochemical method
  • 24 hours diet recall
  • Mid-Upper Arm Circumference measurement

Ques4. List the factors affecting meal planning. Explain briefly the role of any two factors in meal planning.

Ques5. What is required for the synthesis of Vitamin D in our body? Where is it synthesized?

IGNOU ANC 1 Question Paper Download

There are lot more important questions. We can not mention all the questions here. Below we have mentioned the year wise links to download Ignou ANC 01 previous question papers which consist of important question which may repeat in the upcoming exam:

Year / SessionDownload Papers
Dec 2018Download
June 2018Download
December 2017Download
June 2017Download | Download
December 2016Download
June 2016Download
December 2015Download
June 2015Download
December 2014Download
June 2014Download
December 2013Download
June 2013Download
December 2012Download
June 2012Download
December 2011Download
June 2011Download

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