IGNOU MEG 14 Question Papers

IGNOU MEG 14 Question Papers

Here, the students can download Ignou MEG 14 question papers of last 10 years. Before downloading the question paper, you must know some important details about this subject.

Here are the details:

Programme Name: MA English

Course Code: MEG-14

Course Name: Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation

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Below, We have provided the link to download previous question papers of MA English (MEG-14) course for the following years:

IGNOU MEG 14 Question Paper December

 Dec 2018Dec 2017 Dec 2016
Dec 2015Dec 2014Dec 2013
Dec 2012Dec 2011

IGNOU MEG 14 Question Paper June

June 2017June 2018June 2016
June 2015June 2014June 2013
June 2012June 2011

IGNOU MEG 14 Important Sample Questions

Here are some important questions which have been taken from previous question papers of MEG-14. As these are important papers, so these may repeat in upcoming exams.

Ques1. The novel Samskara charts Pranesacharya’s quest for and questioning of his own identity. Discuss.

Ques2. Discuss the repeated use of the idea of acting, performance and theatricality in the play Tughlak.

Ques3. Discuss Tadpa’s portrayal as a tribal.

Ques4. Discuss The significance of the title ‘Birds’.

Ques5. What aspects of Ismat Chughtai’s writings and creativity appeal to Manto ? Discuss.

Ques6. The novel Samskara charts Pranesacharya’s quest for and questioning of his own identity. Discuss.

Ques7. Tamas captures the historical consequences of the partition in human terms. Discuss.

Ques8. Discuss the The depiction of poverty and hunger in Birthday.

Ques9. How does Manimahesh combine history and legend, reality and myth ?

Ques10. Is the title of Amrit Rai’s biography of Premchand, Kalam ka Sipahi (The Soldier of the Pen) appropriate ? Discuss.

We hope this post will help you in achieving good marks in MEG 14 course of IGNOU MA English programme.

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