FST 1 Important Questions for December 2018 & June 2019

IGNOU FST 1 Important Questions

Looking for IGNOU FST 1 important question for December 2018 & June 2018 examination? If yes, then you have visited the right website.To make it easy for the students, we have compiled few important questions of FST-1: Foundation Course in Science and Technology course.

FST 1 is one of the foundation courses of Bachelor Degree Programme (BDP).To prepare for June & December examination, students always search for guess paper for fst 01 course.

Below, we have provided the list of IGNOU fst 1 important questions which may get repeat in future examination:

  • Briefly discuss the methods employed for
    estimation of the age of fossils.
  • How has biotechnology improved food production in India ? Briefly discuss.
  • Describe briefly the development of agriculture and mathematics during the Gupta Period.
  • What are nutrients ? Classify nutrients into different categories on the basis of their utility in our body. Elaborate your answer by citing two examples of each of these nutrients.
  • Write the full form of the term “LASER”. Briefly discuss the applications of Laser.
  • Briefly describe the Miller’s experiment in your own words.
  • Write the full form of the term “AIDS”. How does its virus get transmitted from one person to another ? Give the symptoms of the disease caused by this virus.
  • Briefly describe the development of science an technology in Medieval India.
  • What are fossils ? Describe how the study of fossils has helped in reconstructing various stages through which human evolution has taken place.
  • What is a semi-conductor ? With the help of simple line-drawings, describe semi-conductor devices and their uses.
  • Briefly discuss the role of communication media in promoting open and distance education.
  • Write short notes on any three of the following :
  • (a)Venus
    (b) Natural Selection
    (c) Acid Rain
    (d) Agroforestry
    (e) Adolescence
    (f) Technology Transfer
  • How would you differentiate between creativity and intelligence ?
  • State two methods of production used by the primitive society and Bronze Age Civilization.
  • Trace the developments in technology in the Mauryan Empire.
  • Why are the steps in most food chains limited to four or five ? Discuss with the help of an example and appropriate diagram.
  • What do you understand by “ergonomics” ? Explain giving an example.
  • Briefly explain the Big Bang Theory.
  • How can the problems of alkalinity and salinity of soils be tackled ?
  • Discuss the technical developments in Feudal Society of Medieval Europe.
  • With the help of a clear and labelled diagram, describe the energy flow in an ecosystem.

We hope these important questions will help you in preparing for upcoming FST 1 term end examination. For more important question papers, students can download FST 1 question paper of previous years.

Updated: December 8, 2018 — 10:15 am

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