IGNOU BA History Study Material Free Download

IGNOU BA History Study Material

The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides Ignou BA History study material to all its students for all the required courses. The university provides the study material in the form of pdf books which contains different chapters covering the complete syllabus. These are also known as IGNOU BA History Books.

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The Ignou BA History books pdf provided by the university contains the study blocks covering all the programme syllabus in the form of Chapters. Each BA History course has its related books for study.

The Ignou EEC/ BECE study material provided by the university can be used by the students to prepare for their Term End Examination. Also, they can find the assignment solutions in these books. It contains the syllabus in very simple form which is easily understandable by learners.

IGNOU BA History Books PDF Free Download

After the registration of IGNOU BA History programme is completed, the university send the IGNOU BA History study material at the student’s door step via Registered post/ Speed Post. The study material is dispatched to the students after few days of taking admission. It should be noted that study material will be provided to the students in the same medium of instruction in which he/she opts the course.

Sometimes, the students may face delay in receiving their study material at home. In such cases, they do not need to worry and must visit their respective study centre to inquire about their study notes. If still the problem do not resolves, the students can also download the IGNOU Bachelor of Arts in History study material from the university website at below mentioned link in the form of PDF files:

IGNOU EHI 1 Study Material (Modern India 1857-1964)

Block-1Imperialism, Colonialism and NationalismDownload
Block-2Emergence of Organised NationalismDownload
Block-3Radical Trends, Nationalism and Mahatma GandhiDownload
Block-4Nationalism: Inter-War Years-IDownload
Block-5Nationalism: Inter-War Year-IIDownload
Block-6Nationalism: Inter- War Year-IIIDownload
Block-7Towards a Sovereign StateDownload
Block-8Independent India: Towards Development 1947-1964Download

IGNOU EHI 2 Study Material (India: Earliest Times to the 8th Century A.D.)

Block-1Environment and Early Patterns of AdaptationDownload
Block-2Harappan CivilizationDownload
Block-3Evolution of early Indian SocietyDownload
Block-4India : 6th to4th Century B.CDownload
Block-5Polity, Society and Economy : 320 B.C. to 200 B.C.Download
Block-6India : Century 200 B.C to 300 A.D.Download
Block-7State and Society in South India : 200 B.C To 300 A.DDownload
Block-8India : Polity :B.C 300 to 800 A.D.Download
Block-9Transition to early Medieval IndiaDownload

IGNOU EHI 3 Study Material (History India From 8th to 15th Century)

Block-1Early Medieval Economy : 8th to 13th CenturyDownload
Block-2Society and Culture : 8th to 13th CenturyDownload
Block-3Indian Polity in its Regional Variation: 8th to 13th CenturyDownload
Block-4Establishment of Delhi SultanateDownload
Block-5Indian Polity : The SultanateDownload
Block-6Economy of Delhi SultanateDownload
Block-7The Regional Powers: 13th to 15th CenturyDownload
Block-8Society And Culture : 13th to15th CenturyDownload

IGNOU EHI 4 Study Material (India From 6th to Mid 18th Century)

Block-1India in the 16th CenturyDownload
Block-2Mughal Empire : PolityDownload
Block-3Regional Powers and the MughalsDownload
Block-4Political Ideas and InstitutionsDownload
Block-5State and EconomyDownload
Block-6Production and TradeDownload
Block-7Society and Culture IDownload
Block-8Society and Culture IIDownload
Block-9India at the Mid 18th CenturyDownload

IGNOU EHI 5 Study Material (India from Mid-18th to Mid-19th Century)

Block-1Rise of Regional PowersDownload
Block-2Capitalism and ImperialismDownload
Block-3British Conquest and ConsolidationDownload
Block-4Colonial EconomyDownload
Block-5Cultural ContoursDownload
Block-6Impact of British Rule : Polity and SocietyDownload
Block-7Social and Cultural ChangeDownload
Block-8Popular Revolts and UprisingsDownload

IGNOU EHI 6 Study Material (History of China and Japan (1840-1949))

Block-1Society, Economy and PolityDownload
Block-2Western ImperialismDownload
Block-3Japan : Transition to ModernizationDownload
Block-4Rebellions, Reforms and RevolutionDownload
Block-5Foreign RelationsDownload
Block-6Post World War-I- JapanDownload
Block-7Post-Revolutionary China, 1911-21Download
Block-8Communist Movement in china 1921-49Download

IGNOU EHI 7 Study Material (Modern Europe (Mid 18th to Mid 20th Centuries))

Block-1The Origins of Modern Politics-1Download
Block-2The Origins of Modern Politics-2Download
Block-3Industrial Revolution in EuropeDownload
Block-4Modern Industrial SocietyDownload
Block-5The Nation- State SystemDownload
Block-6Colonialism and ImperialismDownload
Block-7The Crisis of the 20th CenturyDownload
Block-8The World At WarDownload
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