Ignou BSW Course Syllabus

Ignou BSW Course Syllabus – The students have to choose their courses from three major components for all three years i.e. Foundation Courses(24 Credits), Elective Courses(48 Credits) and Field Work (Practicum): 24 Credits.

The total number of credits which the student have to pass out to obtain the Bachelor Degree in Social Work is 96.

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These courses are available in English and Hindi medium across the country.Below, we have mentioned the Course Code, Course Name, and the related course credits.

Ignou BSW First Year Courses

Course CodeTitle of the CourseCredits
BSWE-1Introduction to social Work8
BSWL-1Social Work Practicum-I8
BSHF-101Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences8
FEG-1Foundation Course in English-14
Modern Indian Language (Choose any one)
FEG-2Foundation Course in English-24
FAS-1Foundation Course in Assamese4
FBG-1Foundation Course in Bengali4
FTG-1Foundation Course in Gujarati4
BHDF-101Foundation Course in Hindi4
FKD-1Foundation Course in Kannada4
FML-1Foundation Course in Malayalam4
FMT-1Foundation Course in Marathi4
FOR-1Foundation Course in Oriya4
FPB-1Foundation Course in Punjabi8
FTM-1Foundation Course in Tamil4
FTG-1Foundation Course in Telugu4
FUD-1Foundation Course in Urdu4

Ignou BSW Second Year Courses

Course CodeTitle of the CourseCredits
BSWE-002Social Work Intervention with Individuals and Groups (Theory)8
BSWL-002Social Work Practicum-II (Practical)8
BSWE-004Introduction to Family Education8
FST-1Foundation Course in Science and Technology8

Ignou BSW Third Year Courses

Course CodeCourse NameCredits
BSWE-003Social Work Intervention with communities and Institutions8
BSWL-003Social Work Practicum-III (Practical)8
BSWE-005Introduction to HIV/AIDS8
BSWE-006Substance Abuse and Counselling8
Total Credits96

Above, We have provided the complete details about Ignou BSW course syllabus. In case, if you have any doubts please write your query in comment section.

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