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IGNOU MA English Books

IGNOU MA English Books – Students may require these reference books to prepare for their upcoming June or December examination. Apart from free Ignou study material provided by Indira Gandhi National Open University, few students also like to study the reference books to strengthen their exam preparation.

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These are also known as Ignou MEG books. It consists of important questions and last five year solved question papers as well.

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Here, we are providing the links to buy Ignou MA English books for first & second year online which also contains the last five year solved question papers as well. In the first year syllabus, the students have the following courses in their curriculum:

MEG-1 British PoetryOrder Now
MEG-2 British DramaOrder Now
MEG-3 British NovelOrder Now
MEG-4 Aspects of LanguageOrder Now

The students may require the reference books again for the exam preparation in the second year as well. Students can buy the Ignou MA English second year books online for the following courses which are included in the syllabus:

MEG-5 Literary Criticism & TheoryOrder Now
MEG-6 American LiteratureOrder Now
MEG-7 Indian English LiteratureOrder Now
MEG-8 New Literature In EnglishOrder Now
MEG-9 Australian LiteratureOrder Now
MEG-10 English Studies In IndiaOrderNow
MEG-11 American NovelOrder Now
MEG-12 Canadian LiteratureOrder Now
MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature In English TranslationOrder Now

Note: The inclusion of solved question papers in the help book depends on the book publisher. So, read out the description of the product before ordering it.

IGNOU MA English Study Material

The Indira Gandhi National Open University offers MA English programme to the learners from all over the country to pursue their career in the field of commerce.The courses have been divided into two years.

The university provides the free MA English study material in the form of study blocks during the Registration/ admission process.

Here are the links to download free study blocks:

MEG-01: British Poetry

  • Block-1: Orientation For the Study of Poetry & The Medieval Poet Chaucer  – Download
  • Block-2: Undertaking A Study of Spenser – Download
  • Block-3: The Metaphysical Poets: Donne, Herbert – Download
  • Block-4: Studying Milton – Download
  • Block-5: The Neoclassical Poets: Dryden and Pope – Download
  • Block-6: The Romantic Poets: Blake, Wordsworth & Coleridge – Download
  • Block-7: The Second Generation Romantic Poets: Shelley & Keats – Download
  • Block-8: The Victorian Poets: Browning, D.G. and Christina Rossetti & Oscar Wilde – Download
  • Block-9: The Modernist Poets – Download
  • Block-10: Some Modernist and Postmodernist Poets: Dylan Thomas, Philip Larkin & Sylvia Plath – Download

MEG-2: British Drama

  • Block-1: Christopher Marlowe : Doctor Faustus – Download
  • Block-2: William Shakespeare : A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Download
  • Block-3: William Shakespeare : Hamlet – Download
  • Block-4: Ben Jonson : The Alchemist – Download
  • Block-5: The Playboy of the Western World – Download
  • Block-6: Bernard Shaw: Pygmalion – Download
  • Block-7: T.S. Eliot: Murder in the Cathedral – Download
  • Block-8: John Osborne: Look In Anger – Download
  • Block-9: Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot – Download

MEG-03: British Novel

  • Download Complete
  • Block-1: Henry Fielding: Tom Jones
  • Block-2: Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice
  • Block-3: Wuthering Heights
  • Block-4: Charles Dicknens: Great Expectations
  • Block-5: George Eliot: Middlemarch
  • Block-6: Joseph Conrad: heart of darkness
  • Block-7: James Joyce: A Portrait of The Artist As A Young Man
  • Block-8: Edward Morgan Forester: A Passage to India
  • Block-9: Muriel Sprak: The prime of Miss Jean Brodie

MEG-4: Aspects of Language

  • Download Complete
  • Block-1: What is Language?
  • Block-2: History of English Language
  • Block-3(A): English Phonetics and Phonology-I
  • Block-3(B): English Phonetics and Phonology-II
  • Block-4: English Morphology
  • Block-5: English Syntax
  • Block-6: Language in Use-I
  • Block-7: Language in Use-II
  • Block-8: The Spread of English
  • Block-9: Stylistics

MEG-5: Literary Criticism and Theory

MEG-6: American Literature

MEG-7: Indian English Literature

MEG-8: New Literatures in English

MEG-9: Australian Literature

MEG-10: English Studies in India

MEG-11: American Novel

MEG-12: A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature

MEG-14: Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation

  • Download link (N/A)

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