Ignou Passing Marks out of 25, 50, 70, 75 or 100

Many students query about Ignou passing marks in theory exams, assignments and project. Moreover, they also face difficulty in calculating passing marks out of 25, 50, 70, 75 or 100.

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So, I have decided to write an article which will make it easy for students to understand passing marks in Ignou.

Ignou passing marks for Theory, Assignments and Project

In Indira Gandhi National Open University, the students have to pass out both theory exam as well as assignment individually for any particular course to complete it.For any course, the assignment contributes 30 percent marks and Term End Theory exams contribute 70 percent marks.

Say, If any student secures 50 marks in assignment and 40 marks in TEE (Term End Theory). Then the final result of that particular course will look like :

50 x 0.3 + 40 x 0.7 = 15 marks of assignment + 28 marks in theory exams = 43 marks in total.

So, this is the method pr you can say Ignou grade card percentage calculator online to compile total marks.

Suppose, if any student obtain passing marks in theory exams and he/she is unable to pass out assignment, then he/she has to re-submit the solved assignment again to secure minimum passing marks.

Ignou Passing marks for Bachelor Degree Programmes

Mostly the students who are pursuing Bachelor degree programme (BDP) from Indira Gandhi National Open University face problem in knowing the passing marks. So, let’s start the discussion by knowing the passing marks of Ignou BDP Foundation courses which are of 8 credits each. Some of these are FST-1, BSHF-101, etc.

For the foundation courses, students have to obtain minimum of 35 marks out 100 in theory examination to pass it. In assignments, students have to obtain minimum of 50% marks to get pass.

e.g. If a student get minimum of 35 out of 100 in theory exams and 50 out of 100 in assignment for any particular course, then that course will be considered as complete.

In case, if any student is unable to get passing marks out 50, 70 or 100, then he/she has to again appear in the upcoming examination for that particular course.

Now let’s discuss about BDP elective courses which are of 4 credits each. Some of these courses are CHE-2, LSE-1, PHE-6, etc. The maximum marks for these courses in the examination is 50.

For elective courses (4 Credits), students have to obtain minimum of 18 marks out 50 in theory examination. In the same way as in foundation courses, the students have to obtain minimum of 50% marks in assignments for elective courses as well.

There are few elective courses which are of 2 credits each. e.g. PHE-1, PHE-2, CHE-1, MTE-4, etc. The maximum marks for these courses in theory exam is 25. The students have to obtain minimum of 9 marks out of 25 to pass the theory exams. Additionally, the students require 50% marks in assignments to complete the course.

For 6 credit elective courses, the maximum marks is 75. Therefore, students have to obtain minimum of 27 out of 75 to pass the theory exam. The passing marks in Ignou assignments remains same for these courses as well. i.e. 50% marks.

There are few course as well for which maximum marks in exam is 70. For those courses, the passing marks in Ignou course is 24 out of 70.

Passing marks in Ignou for Master Degree Programmes

The students have to obtain minimum of 40 marks out 100 for any particular course who are pursuing Master Degree programmes from Indira Gandhi National Open University such as M.Com, MCA, MBA, MA, MEG, MEC, MAPC, MCom etc. Also, they need minimum of 50% marks in assignments to complete the course.

Ignou passing marks in Projects

In project submission, students have to obtain minimum of 50% marks to complete it.Otherwise, they have to re-submit their project work.

In this article, we have clearly mentioned the Ignou passing marks 2017-2018 for various Bachelor Degree and Master Degree courses. The passing marks for other courses such as B.Com, BBA, BA, B.Sc, etc remains the same as mentioned above.

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  1. sir,
    My course is BDP.In ANC-1 i got 33 marks in assignment and 49 marks in EPA-4. Please tell me do i have to submit my assignments again.

    1. if the result is showing complete in grade card.. then you dnt need. Otherwise, you have to submit it again

  2. If an student gets 28 marks out of 70 in theory for BSC Nursing course, will this be considered as passing mark?

  3. Sir result of Eso 12 have not been showing till now. So kindly tell us how much time will it take to release the result of Eso 12.

  4. I am facing issue regarding the non-updation of assignments marks for a course MPYE013. I have emailed regional centre and concern assignment office. There is still no changes.

  5. I have got 36 marks in mcs033 of mca in theory and 84 in assignment but it is showing not completed as I know MCs 033 is out of 50 marks paper , please resolve my query

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