We receive lot of queries from students regarding IGNOU PGDRD Project. They usually ask, “how to make ignou pgdrd project report?”, “Where can i find ignou pgdrd project topics?”, “how to do rdd 5 project work?”

It is mandatory to submit IGNOU PGDRD Project Synopsis & report for the students who are pursuing Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

The project work code is : RDD-5

The PGDRD programme is offered in English and Hindi medium. So, the students have to submit the synopsis & report of IGNOU RDD 5 project as per their medium of instruction.

Students have to work on IGNOU PGDRD synopsis (project proposal) and IGNOU PGDRD project report as per the guidelines provided by IGNOU University.

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How to get IGNOU PGDRD Project Synopsis & Report?

We always recommend students to do their project work themselves.But, sometimes, it is hard for students to understand the complete process of project work formulation because of distance learning.

So, we are here to help them out.We guide them how to start working on the synopsis and project work.

First of all, we will help you in completion of IGNOU PGDRD Project Synopsis. After, the synopsis approval, we will help you in completion of IGNOU PGDRD project report.

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IGNOU RDD 5 Project

In theory subjects, learners will be able to understand the basis of rural development. They get familiarized with the rural setting in India. The project work and preparation of the thesis is going to be a new experience for all of them.

Surely, the learners have chosen PGDRD with a purpose. Therefore, they must be eager to acquire some specialized knowledge on this rural development subject. It can be attained only by doing research work.

we all know that it is a distance learning programme and learners may face various limitations during the learning process, still they can gain lot of knowledge and information. Also, they will be able to acquire required skills and tools in analyzing rural situations, their problems and the impact of various programmes being implemented.

During IGNOU RDD 5 project completion process, the learners will be able to know how to develop project proposals for research, tools for data collection, report writing and making suggestions or recommendations.

IGNOU PGDRD Project Topics

The Indira Gandhi National Open University has suggested certain topics for students so that they can start working on their PGDRD project quickly. Also, they have provided certain guidelines as well.

We have listed below few topics to help out students. The suggested topics are as under:
1. A study of the factors affecting rural under development
2. A study of the effectiveness of the strategies of rural development planning
3. Impact of Five Year Plans on rural development
4. Reasons for progress in rural development programmes
5. Importance of evolving new strategies for rural development
6. Analysis of the extent of grassroots level participation in rural development
7. Rural Development policies and grassroots level realities
8. Exploration of the welfare aspects in rural development
9. Impact of IRDP on Tribes
10. Impact of IRDP on Scheduled Castes
11. A study of the approaches of NGOs to rural development
12. Salient features of rural development schemes after independence.
13. Comparative study of the characteristics of rural and urban communities in India
14. Comparative study of the characteristics of tribal and peasant communities
15. A study of traditional practices in rural cultivation
16. A study of the patterns of migration in rural India
17. An analysis of the extent to which caste system is practiced in rural India
18. A study of the role of voluntary agencies for rural development
19. A study of the relevance of Jajmani system
20. An analysis of rural power structure in India

To check out complete list of IGNOU PGDRD project topics, please click on the link mentioned below:

IGNOU PGDRD Project Guide Download

Our Project Guidance Team provides the high quality service and ensures that student get hundred percent guaranteed approval for both Synopsis and the Project Report of PGDRD.

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We have also provided link below to download PGDRD RDD-5 project guidelines. It will help students in understanding how to start working on project synopsis and report.

Also, pgdrd project guide book contains the cover page of dissertation (project) proposal and project report. It also contains the Certificate of Approval by the Supervisor. Students can download this guidebook and take print out of both.

Here is the link to download…

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