FEG 01 Important questions

IGNOU FEG 1 Important Questions

Looking for IGNOU BEGF 101 / FEG 01 guess paper 2018 for December & June term end examination? If yes, then this is the right web page for you.We have collected some important questions to make FEG 1 guess paper for upcoming December and June examinations.

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Some students call it FEG 01 important questions or they may call it as FEG 1 guess paper. We have made it easy for for the students by publishing the important questions here. It will greatly help them in term end examination.

Here are some important course details:

BEGF-101/ FEG-01 is one of the foundation courses of IGNOU Bachelor degree Programme (BDP).Other details has been mentioned below:

  • Course Name: Foundation Course in English-1
  • Course Code: FEG-1

List of FEG 1 Important Questions

To prepare for June & December examination, students always search for FEG 1 guess paper. Below, we have provided the list of IGNOU FEG 1 important questions which may get repeat in future examination:

Ques1: Write a dialogue in about 150 words on one of
the following situations :

  • Shweta wants to go to the mall, whereas
    Vicky wants to go to the local market.
  • Manu wants to go to a foreign country for a vacation while his wife Anu wants to go to Kerala.

Ques2: Write an essay in about 200 words on any one of
the following topics :

  • Importance of effective communication skills
  • The film that I have watched more than once
  • The importance of a healthy diet
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the joint
    family system

Ques 3: “Mukesh has cooked tasty food today,” said Shweta. (Change into indirect speech)

Ques 4: The doctor examined the patient. (Change the voice)

Ques 5: As soon as I reached the school gate, the bell rang. (Rewrite the sentence using “No sooner …” )

Ques 6: Write an essay in about 200 words on any one of
the following topics :

  • The importance of water conservation
  • Why I like the place where I live
  • Walking is the best exercise
  • The importance of being smartly dressed
  • Your personal contribution to saving an preserving the environment
  • A cultural festival that you particularly enjoy
  • Caring for and respecting the elderly
  • Your favourite cuisine (food)
  • Importance of Yoga
  • A leader who inspires you the most
  • An accident that caused deaths
  • Cyber Threat

Ques 7: Write a dialogue about any one of the following in 150 words :

  • Between a mother and the School Principal
    about her child’s disregard for studies.
  • Between two parents about the amount of
    time students spend on the Internet and
    social media.

We hope these important questions will help you in preparing for upcoming BSHF 101 term end examination. For more important question papers, students can download IGNOU FEG 1 question paper of previous years.

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