IGNOU Assignments 2018-19

IGNOU Assignments 2018-19

Today I am going to share with the students how they can download latest IGNOU assignment 2018-19 questions booklet online. Usually, the university provides the assignment booklet along with study material. However, if the students do not get it from study centre, they can download it online in the form of pdf file.

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First let me tell you why it is required to download IGNOU assignment booklet for your concerned programme.

Students need to solve assignments and submit it to the concerned study centre for the required course.

So, they have to download Ignou assignment question papers to solve them and submit them before the prescribed date. The last date to submit Ignou solved assignments can be checked online or you can check it in the assignment booklet which is mentioned in the starting pages of it.

How to download IGNOU assignment 2018-19?

Now, it’s time to submit IGNOU assignments 2018-19 for the students who have taken admission in July session this year. These are the latest assignments which the students are looking to download and solve.So, let’s start how we can download Ignou assignment question papers for year 2018-19.

Now, I will proceed to google.com…

In the first result on searching in google we find the direct link of IGNOU official website to download assignments.

So, let’s click on it to find where can we download IGNOU assignments 2018-19.

Here, you will see the list of different programmes with the links under them. So, we have to click on the programme for which we have taken admission and looking for assignments.

let’s do it. eg. If we click on MA history programme then we can see a new webpage will open up where the year wise link is listed to download assignments.

Now, click on 2018-19 category links of first year or second year assignments.

Assignments are available in both English and Hindi medium. You can download as per the medium you have chosen while registering for the programme.

When you click on assignment link of first or second year, you will see the last date is mentioned in the assignment booklet to submit the assignment.

Link: https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/

We can simply download it. If you still face any difficulty in understanding the process, then let’s see in the video provided below how can we do it?

Updated: January 17, 2019 — 10:25 am

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