Ignou MA Education Syllabus & Courses

Ignou MA Education Syllabus & Courses- It consists of five compulsory courses in which one course is in educational research and remaining four courses are in one of the specialised areas e.g. higher education, educational technology, educational management, etc.

Along with the above mentioned theoretical courses, the students also need to submit the report on project work (MESP 1). The total number of credits which the students should complete are 68 and they have to cover 34 credits each year.

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Ignou MA Education Syllabus have been divided into four groups which are mentioned below:

  • Group A: Basic Course on Education
  • Group B: Core Courses
  • Group C: Courses on Knowledge Generation in Education
  • Group D: Specialised Areas in Education
Course CodeTitle of the CourseCredits
Group A: Basic Course on Education (4 Credits)
MES 11Understanding Education4
Group B: Core Courses
MES 12Education: Nature and Purposes6
MES 13Learning, Learner and Development6
MES 14Societal Context of Education6
MES 15Operational Dimensions of Education6
Group C: Courses on Knowledge Generation in Education
MES 16Educational Research6
MESP 1Dissertation10
Group D: Specialised Areas in Education
Higher Education
MES 101Higher Education: Its Context and Linkages6
MES 102Instruction in Higher Education6
MES 103Higher Education: The Psycho-social Context6
MES 104Planning and Management of Higher Education6
Distance Education
MES 111Growth and Philosophy of Distance Education4
MES 112Design and Development of Self-Learning Print Materials4
MES 113Learner Support Services4
MES 114Management of Distance Education6
MES 115Communication Technology for Distance Education6
Educational Technology
MES 31ET -An Overview6
MES 32Communication and Information Technology6
MES 33Computer Technology6
MES 34Designing Courseware6
Educational Management
MES 41Growth and Development of Educational Management6
MES 42Dimensions of Educational Management6
MES 43Organizational Behaviour6
MES 44Institutional Management6
Adult Education
MAE 1Understanding Adult Education6
MAE 2Policy Planning and Implementation of Adult Education in India6
MAE 3Knowledge Management, Information Dissemination andNetworking in Adult Education6
MAE 4Extension Education and Development6

Out of the courses mentioned above, the first year courses (Total 34 Credits) (All Compulsory) are as follows: MES 11, MES 12, MES 13, MES 14, MES 15, MES 16

Second Year Courses (Total 34 Credits):
1. Out of the following Specialized Areas, a learner has to choose one specialized area.

  • Higher Education (24 Credits)
  • Distance Education (24 Credits)
  • Educational Technology (24 Credits)
  • Educational Management (24 Credits)
  • Adult Education (24 Credits)

2. Dissertation Work (10 Credits)

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