IGNOU MA Psychology Study Material Free Download

IGNOU MA Psychology Study Material

The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides Ignou MA Psychology study material to all its students for all the required courses. The programme code is “MAPC” The university provides the study material in the form of pdf books which contains different chapters covering the complete syllabus. These are also known as IGNOU MA Psychology Books.

The Ignou MA Psychology books pdf provided by the university contains the study blocks covering all the programme syllabus in the form of Chapters. Each MA Psychology course has its related books for study.

Importance of IGNOU MAPC Study Material

The Ignou MAPC study material provided by the university can be used by the students to prepare for their Term End Examination. Also, they can find the assignment solutions in these books. It contains the syllabus in very simple form which is easily understandable by learners.

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IGNOU MA Psychology Books PDF Free Download

After the registration of IGNOU MA Psychology programme is completed, the university send the IGNOU MA Psychology study material at the student’s door step via Registered post/ Speed Post. The study material is dispatched to the students after few days of taking admission. It should be noted that study material will be provided to the students in the same medium of instruction i.e English or Hindi whichever they choose while filling up the admission form.

Sometimes, the students may face delay in receiving their study material at home. In such cases, they do not need to worry and must visit their respective study centre to inquire about their study notes. If still the problem do not resolves, the students can also download the IGNOU Master of Arts in Psychology study material from the university website at below mentioned link in the form of PDF files:

IGNOU MPC 1 Study Material (Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory)

Block-01Information ProcessingDownload
Block-02Intelligence and CreativityDownload
Block-04Problem SolvingDownload

IGNOU MPC 2 Study Material (Life Span Psychology)

Block-01Prenatal, Infancy and Early ChildhoodDownload
Block-02Development during Early School Years (6-11 Years)Download
Block-03Development during AdolescenceDownload
Block-04Adulthood and AgeingDownload

IGNOU MPC 3 Study Material (Personality: Theories and Assessment)

Block-01Personality: Theories and AssessmentDownload
Block-02Theories of Personality-IDownload
Block-03Theories of Personality-IIDownload
Block-04Assessment of PersonalityDownload

IGNOU MPC 4 Study Material (Advanced Social Psychology)

Block-01Introduction to Social PsychologyDownload
Block-02Process of Social InfluenceDownload
Block-03Attitudes, Stereotypes, Prejudice and DiscriminationDownload
Block-04Group DynamicsDownload

IGNOU MPC 5 Study Material (Research Methods)

Block-01Introduction to Research Methods in PsychologyDownload
Block-02Types of ResearchDownload
Block-03Research DesignDownload
Block-04Qualitative Research in PsychologyDownload

IGNOU MPC 6 Study Material (Statistics in Psychology)

Block-01Introduction to StatisticsDownload
Block-02Correlation and RegressionDownload
Block-03Normal DistributionDownload
Block-04Non-Parametric StatisticsDownload

IGNOU MPCE 11 Study Material (Psychopathology)

Block-01Foundations of PsychopathologyDownload
Block-02Generalized Anxiety Disorder And Other Mild Mental DisordersDownload
Block-03Mood DisordersDownload
Block-04Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic DisordersDownload
Block-05Personality DisordersDownload

IGNOU MPCE 13 Study Material (Psychotherapeutic Methods)

Block-01Psychological Treatment of Mental Disorders: Major ModalitiesDownload
Block-02Cognitive and Behavior TherapiesDownload
Block-03Other Therapies for Psychological InterventionsDownload
Block-04Psychotherapy across Life CycleDownload

IGNOU MPCE 21 Study Material (Counselling Psychology)

Block-02Counselling: Models and ApproachesDownload
Block-03Types of CounsellingDownload
Block-04Counselling for Mental DisordersDownload

IGNOU MPCE 22 Study Material (Assessment in Counselling and Guidance)

Block-02Approaches to Assessment in CounsellingDownload
Block-03Assessment in Counselling and GuidanceDownload
Block-04Organizing and Planning Counselling and GuidanceDownload

IGNOU MPCE 23 Study Material (Interventions in Counseling)

Block-01Psychological Interventions: Major ModalitiesDownload
Block-02Cognitive Behavioral CounselingDownload
Block-03 Other Counselling InterventionsDownload
Block-04Counselling: Future Directions (E-Counselling)Download

IGNOU MPCE 31 Study Material (Organisational Behaviour (OBY))

Block-01Organizational PsychologyDownload
Block-02Personality and Attitudes in Organisational BehaviorDownload
Block-03Leadership and Team BuildingDownload

IGNOU MPCE 32 Study Material (Human Resource Development (HRD))

Block-01Human Resource PlanningDownload
Block-02Step in Human Resource ManagementDownload
Block-03Human Resource LawsDownload
Block-04Importance of HR PlanningDownload

IGNOU MPCE 33 Study Material (Organizational Development (OD))

Block-02Assumption, Beliefs and Values in Organizational DevelopmentDownload
Block-03Analyzing and Managing the OD ProcessDownload
Block-04OD InterventionsDownload
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  1. Jayalakshmi Vidyashankar

    MPCE – 022, Block -01 – Introduction is irrelevant to counseling psychology. Please upload relevant material. Thanks

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