IGNOU BA Solved Assignments 2018-19 Free Download

IGNOU BA Solved Assignments 2018-19

Whether its Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) or any other university, many students always look out for free solved assignments. In the similar way, the searching for free IGNOU BA solved assignments 2018-19 is huge on the internet. BA programme comes under Bachelor Degree programmes (BDP). So, these are also know as IGNOU bdp ba solved assignment.

The main reason behind looking for IGNOU BA solved assignment free download is to complete the assignment task without making any effort.But this is totally wrong and we do not support it unless there is some extreme case.

Every Year, there are large number of students who take admission in Bachelor Degree programme (BDP) offered by IGNOU. Bachelor of Arts (BA) is one of the programmes which comes under BDP. Other programmes which comes under BDP are B.Com, B.Sc., BTS and BSW.

To complete any course or subject of BA programme, students have to solve and submit the assignments at their IGNOU study centre concerned.

If the students are capable of solving the question by studying their study material, then what is need to copy the freely available solved assignment which everyone is copying.They should try to write unique answers to the assignment questions so that they can secure good marks.

It is very much important to write good IGNOU BA assignments 2018-19 otherwise, students may lose crucial marks which could have increased their percentage.

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There are three types of IGNOU BA courses for which students have to solve the assignments.These are mentioned below:

IGNOU BA Foundation Course Solved Assignments

While pursuing Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme in IGNOU, students have to solve the assignment questions of various foundation courses which they choose during registration.The following foundation courses are compulsory for which students have to complete the assignment task.These are as follows:

Along with these courses, students have to choose one of the listed Modern Indian Languages:

  • FEG-02: Foundation Course in English-2
  • BHDF-101: Foundation Course in Hindi
  • FAS-1: Foundation Course in Assamese
  • FHS-1: Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • FGB-01: Foundation Course in Bengali
  • FKD-1: Foundation Course in Kannada
  • FML-1: Foundation Course in Malayalam
  • FMT-1: Foundation Course in Marathi
  • FOR-1: Foundation Course in Oriya
  • FPB-1: Foundation Course in Punjabi
  • FTM-1: Foundation Course in Tamil
  • FTG-1: Foundation Course in Telugu
  • FUD-1: Foundation Course in Urdu
  • BSKF-1: Foundation Course in Sanskrit
  • BBHF-1: Foundation Course in Bhojpuri
  • BMAF-1: Foundation Course in Maithilee

IGNOU BA Elective Course Solved Assignments

Students have to select few elective courses as well during their studies of BA programme in IGNOU.These elective courses belong to different streams.We are not going to list here all the elective courses because the list is too long. But, here we will mention the list of categories to which they belong.These are following elective course assignments which students have to write IGNOU BA solved assignments 2018-19:

IGNOU BA Economics Solved Assignments

  • EEC-06: Patterns of Economic Development: A Comparative Study
  • EEC-07: Industrial Development
  • EEC-10: National Income Accounting
  • EEC-11: Fundamentals of Economics
  • EEC-12: Indian Economic Development Since Independence
  • EEC-13: Elementary Statistical Methods and Survey Techniques
  • EEC-14: Agricultural Development in India
  • BECE-15: Elementary Mathematical Methods in Economics
  • BECE-16: Economic Development: Comparative Analysis & Contemporary Issues
  • BECE-107: Industrial Development in India
  • BECE-2:Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives
  • BECE-214: Agricultural Development in India

IGNOU BA History Solved Assignments

  • EHI-1: Modern India, 1857-1964
  • EHI-2: India: Earliest Times to 8th Century A.D.
  • EHI-3: India From 8th to 15th Century A.D.
  • EHI-4: India From 16th to Mid 18th Century A.D.
  • EHI-05: India from Mid 18th to Mid 19th Century
  • EHI-06: History of China and Japan 1840-1949
  • EHI-07: Modern Europe: Mid 18th to Mid 20th Century

IGNOU BA Hindi Solved Assignments

  • EHD-01: Hindi Gadya
  • EHD-02: Hindi Kavya
  • EHD-03: Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas evam Sahitya Parichay
  • EHD-04: Madhyakaleen Bharatiya Sahitya: Samaj aur Sanskriti
  • EHD-05: Adhunik Bharatiya Sahitya: Navjagaran aur Rashtriya Chetna
  • EHD-06: Hindi Bhasha: Itihas aur Vartman
  • EHD-07: Hindi Samrachna
  • EHD-08: Prayojanmulak Hindi
  • BHDA-101 / AFW(H)
  • BRPA-101 / AWR-01 (H)
  • BSHF-101 (H)

IGNOU BA English Solved Assignments

  • BEGE-01: English Gadya
  • BEGE-02: English Kavya
  • BEGE-03: English Sahitya ka Itihas evam Sahitya Parichay
  • BEGE-04: Madhyakaleen Bharatiya Sahitya: Samaj aur Sanskriti
  • BEGE-05: Adhunik Bharatiya Sahitya: Navjagaran aur Rashtriya Chetna
  • BEGE-06: English Bhasha: Itihas aur Vartman
  • BEGE-07: English Samrachna
  • BEGE-08: Prayojanmulak English

IGNOU BA Sociology Solved Assignments

  • ESO-11: The Study of Society
  • ESO-12: Society in India
  • ESO-13: Sociological Thought
  • ESO-14: Society and Stratification
  • ESO-15: Society and Religion
  • ESO-16: Social Problems in India

IGNOU BA Public Administration Solved Assignments

  • EPA-1: Administrative Theory
  • BPAE-102: Indian Administration
  • EPA-3: Development Administration
  • EPA-4: Personnel Administration
  • EPA-5: Financial Administration
  • EPA-6: Public Policy
  • BPAE-104: Personnel Administration

IGNOU BA Political Science Solved Assignments

  • EPS-03: Modern Indian Political Thought
  • EPS-06: Government and Politics in East
  • EPS-07: International Relations
  • EPS-08: Government and Politics in Australia
  • EPS-09: Comparative Government and Politics
  • EPS-11: Political Ideas and Ideologies
  • BPSE-212: Government & Politics in India
  • EPS-15: South Asia: Economy, Society

IGNOU BA Philosophy Solved Assignments

  • BPY-1: Indian Philosophy: Part I
  • BPY-2: Logic: Classical and Symbolic
  • BPY-3: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • BPY-4: Religions of the World
  • BPY-5: Indian Philosophy: Part II
  • BPY-6: Metaphysics
  • BPY-7: Ethics
  • BPY-8: Modern Western Philosophy
  • BPY-9: Contemporary Western Philosophy
  • BPY-10: Epistemology
  • BPY-11: Philosophy of Human Person
  • BPY-12: Philosophy of Science and Cosmology
  • BPYE-1: Philosophy of Religion
  • BPYE-2: Tribal and Dalit Philosophy

IGNOU BA Psychology Solved Assignments

  • BPC 001: General Psychology
  • BPC 002: Developmental Psychology
  • BPC 003: Research Methods in Psychology
  • BPC 004: Statistics in Psychology
  • BPC 005: Theories of Personality
  • BPC 006: Social Psychology
  • BPCE 011: School Psychology
  • BPCE 013: Motivation and Emotion
  • BPCE 014: Psychopathology
  • BPCE 015: Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • BPCE 017: Introduction to Counseling Psychology
  • BPCE 018: Neuropsychology
  • BPCE 019: Environmental Psychology
  • BPCE 021: Forensic Psychology

IGNOU BA Elective Urdu Solved Assignments

  • BULE-001: Element of Urdu Structure
  • BLUE-002: History of Urdu Language
  • BULE-003: Urdu Poetry
  • BULE-004: Urdu Fiction
  • BULE-005: Urdu Non-Fictional
  • BULE-006: History of Urdu Literature
  • BULE-007: Socio-Cultural Forms of Urdu Literature
  • BULE-008: Women in Urdu Literature
  • BULE-009: Diasporic Urdu Literature

IGNOU BA Application Oriented Course Solved Assignments

This is the third category of BA courses which students have to study and pass to complete their degree. Students have to select courses out of available pool of courses as per the guidelines mentioned in the prospectus. Whatever application oriented course they choose, they have to make solved assignment of that one as well.Below, we have mentioned the complete list of BA application courses:

  • AFW(E): Feature Writing (English)
  • BHDA 101:
  • AWR(E): Writing for Radio (English)
  • BRPA 101: Radio Lekhan (Hindi)
  • ATR 1: Translation(English)
  • ACC 1: Organizing Child Care Services
  • ANC 1: Nutrition for the Community
  • AHE 1: Human Environment
  • AMK 1: Marketing
  • AED 1: Export Procedure and Documentation
  • AOM 1: Office Organization and Management
  • ASP 1: Secretarial Practice
  • AMT 1: Teaching of Primary School Mathematics
  • ACS 1: Consumer Studies
  • CTE 3: Teaching Strategies
  • CTE 4: Teaching English-Elementary
  • CTE 5: Teaching English-Secondary School
  • AST 1: Statistical Techniques
  • AOR 1: Operational Research
  • AEC 1: Environmental Chemistry
  • APM 1: Integrated Pest Management
  • BCOA 1: Business Communication and Enterpreneurship

Importance of IGNOU BA Solved Assignments

The BA Solved Assignments are as important as theory papers.These are also known as Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA). For any course which requires assignment work, 30% of marks obtained by students in assignment are added to 70% of marks obtained by them in theory papers to calculate total marks.

Therefore, students need to understand the importance of submitting accurate and clean IGNOU BDP solved assignments 2018. They should follow the guidelines given by university to write IGNOU BA assignment solutions.Students can find the guidelines to write the assignment in the assignment question booklet.

Download IGNOU BA Assignments 2018-19

Till now, we have discussed lot about IGNOU BA solved assignments, importance of assignment submission, BA courses for which we have to write assignment solution, etc.Now, its time to tell readers how they can get IGNOU BA assignment question booklet.

I would like to tell you that after registering in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of BA programme, the students get the study material and assignment question booklet at their physical communication address from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

In case, if any student does not receive the assignment booklet at their address, he/she can download it online.For student’s convenience,We have provided direct link below to download IGNOU BA assignments question papers:

IGNOU BA Assignment Last Date 2018-19

Along with writing good assignments, it is also very important to submit the IGNOU BA solved assignment before the last date of submission at the study centre concerned.Now, the question arises,”how should we know what is the last date of IGNOU BA assignment submission?”. The answer is very simple…

The validity and last date of IGNOU BA/ BDP assignment submission is also mentioned in the assignment booklet. For January 2019 students, the last date of assignment submission is 30th Sept 2019. The students who have taken admission in July 2018 session have to submit their solved assignments before 31st March 2019.

In case, if the university extends the last date of IGNOU BA assignment submission, the new date is published on the university official website.So, the students should also open up university official website (www.ignou.ac.in) from time to time to keep them updated.

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