Ignou ECO 7 Question Paper

Ignou ECO 7 Question Paper for last 10 years are available online. Students can easily download these papers on their computer or mobile device totally free of cost. At the end of this article, students will find the year wise link to download these previous year papers.

The important detail about this course has been mentioned below:

  • Course Name: Elements of Statistics
  • Course Code: ECO-7
  • Category: Elective Course
  • Programme: Bachelor Degree Programme – Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

This course is available in both English and Hindi. So, the students can answer the questions in the exam as per the chosen medium of Instruction.There are many book shops available online which are providing ECO-7 reference books to prepare for the examination. It consists of last five year solved question papers. If you are looking for Ignou ECO 7 solved question paper, please send us an email at [email protected] We will guide you with the best solution.

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Important details about Ignou ECO 7 question paper:

The maximum marks for this paper are 50 and the maximum allowed time to complete this paper is two hours. There are three sections in the paper i.e. A, B and C. All these sections are compulsory to answer.Each question carries the different value of marks ranging from 5 to 15.

In term of total marks, it carries 70% weightage whereas 30% weightage has been given to Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA).

Students who are preparing for upcoming June or December term end examination of this elective course (Elements of Statistics) should download the previous year questions. It can help them in better preparation and secure good marks.

Here are few important questions which may appear in the upcoming exam:

Ques1. Discuss the importance of the study of statistics and show how it is useful in the extension of scientific knowledge, the establishment of a sound business and the formulation of a plan for national economic development.

Ques2. What do you mean by selection of an average?

Ques3. Distinguish between Statistical Method and Experimental Method

Ques4. Write a note on two dimensional diagrams. Also give examples.

Ques5. Distinguish between Census and sample investigation

For the student’s convenience, we have provided below the link to download Ignou ECO 7 question paper to prepare for upcoming exams. These are also known as “Model Question Papers” or “Sample Question Papers”.

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