Ignou ESO 13 Question Paper June 2017

Here, the students can check out Ignou ESO 13 question paper June 2017 – Bachelor Degree Programme in Sociology

Course Code & Name: ESO-13 Sociological Thoughts

The question paper carries total of 100 marks. Students have to write the answers within the specified time limit of 3 hours.

The question paper has three sections. Students have to attempt the questions as instructed in each section.

Section 1: There are total of 4 questions out of which students have to answer any two of their choice. Each question carries 20 marks.The university has also specified the word limit for the answers. In this section, students have to write answers in 500 words for each question.

Section 2: In this section, there are total of 7 questions out of which the students have to answer 4 questions in 250 words each. Each question carries 12 marks.

Section 3: It is the last section of Ignou ESO 13 question paper June 2017. Here, the students have been provided with 4 questions out of which they have to answer any two of their choice in about 100 words each. Each question carries 6 marks.

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Below, we have provided the June 2017 question paper of Ignou ESO 13 course in the form of PDF file:

Ignou ESO 13 solved question papers

If you are looking for previous year solved question papers of ESO-13 Sociological Thoughts course, please send email at [email protected]

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