NIOS DELED Assignment Submission Procedure

NIOS DELED Assignment Submission Procedure

This article has been written for In-service untrained teachers who have taken admission in NIOS DELED programme. The full form of NIOS is National Institute of Schooling. These teachers are now looking for procedure to submit their solved assignments.

After completing assignments, the learners should know where they have to submit NIOS DELED assignments or what is the procedure to submit NIOS DELED solved assignments. In this article, we are going to explain you the complete process of assignment submission.

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NIOS DELED Assignment Download

The learners who have not yet downloaded NIOS DELED study material & assignment question booklet from SWAYAM website are advised to do it as soon as possible.They have to write their assignments and submit it to the study centre.

Below we have provided the link to download NIOS DELED Assignment question booklet:

In this article, we will tell you each and every thing related to NIOS DELED assignment submission. So, you must read this article till end to get the complete information about it.

Let’s discuss each step one by one…

How to Write NIOS DELED Assignment?

National Institute of Schooling (NIOS) has mentioned the important instructions and guidelines to make DELED assignments in its programme guide.The learners can download the programme guide to read these guidelines.

These are known as Course Based Assignments.The NIOS DELED assignment question booklet can be easily downloaded from the official website. It is mandatory to write and submit the assignments for each theory course of DELED programme. These are the compulsory component of the instructional system.

To make it easy for the learners we have provided the important instruction and guidelines to write assignments.These are as follows:

  1. Learners are advised to use only foolscap size paper to write the DELED course assignment answers. Make sure the paper should not be very thin.
  2. You are requested to leave a 3/2” margin on the left and at least 4 lines in between each answer of the questions so that assignment evaluator can write useful comments at appropriate places.
  3. Learners should write the answer concise and systematic. They should focus on the aspect of the question and try to avoid irrelevant details.
  4. Write answer of each question as per the word limit mentioned in the assignment booklet.It should be noted that the word limit has been set only to sharpen the focus of the responses and not to restrict your expression. If you can write above the word limit, please make sure it should be relevant to the context of question.
  5. Don’t ask any other person to write your assignments. It should be written in your own handwriting. If any learner feel that his/her handwriting is not properly legible, he/she may type their responses. However, they should not send printed articles as their answer to assignments.
  6. The assignment-response should be complete in all respects. Incomplete responses will bring you
    poor grades.
  7. Learners should keep a copy of the assignment answers so that they can resubmit it in a situation if it may have been lost in postal transit.

NIOS DELED Assignment front page

Before submitting the completed assignments in the Study Centre, learners have to make cover page for it and attach it as front page of DELED assignment. Learners have to make front page as prescribed in the programme guide.

We have provided below the format prescribed by NIOS to help learners.The first page of your response(s) should look something like this:

nios deled assignment cover page

NIOS DELED Solved Assignments

The best way to solve your assignments is to read the study material thoroughly and try to find the answers out of it. However, in case if you find problem in solving assignments, you may take help of the other reference material available online.

There are many websites available on the internet which are providing NIOS deled solved assignments free of cost. Few websites are charging some money for it as well. However, students are advised to just take help of these assignments as reference material. Don’t just copy-paste the answers from these free deled solved assignments on their sheets.

Submit NIOS DELED Solved Assignments at Study Centre

According to NIOS, students have to submit their solved assignments at their study centre concerned. Now, the question arises where can I find study centre to submit the assignments. There are lot of speculations on the internet about the study centres. There are many unofficial videos on the social media as well which are providing details about NIOS deled study centres. But all this information is wrong.

The National Institute of Schooling (NIOS) has not yet finalized the list of study centres for the DELED learners.So, the students are advised to wait if they have already completed their assignments.They should contact NIOS support to get the latest information about study centre.

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NIOS DELED Assignment Submission date

For the first semester courses such as 501, 502 and 503, the learners can submit their assignments from 20th Jan 2018 to 30th Jan 2018.

Note: The NIOS may extend the last date of assignment submission.So, the learners are advised to check latest notifications on NIOS DELED official website regularly.

For NIOS DELED latest updates and notifications, visit here

Updated: May 5, 2018 — 2:06 pm

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