Ignou PHE 06 Question Paper

Ignou PHE 06 Question Paper (B.Sc. Physics)

Students can download Ignou PHE 06 question paper of last 5 years from the University official website without paying any charges. PHE 6 is one of the important subjects of B.Sc. (Physics) programme.

By studying old papers, students can do better preparation for their upcoming June or December term end examination.They can secure good marks by solving these papers.

The phe-06 question paper of last 10 years can be easily downloaded from the university official website. For the student’s convenience, we have provided the direct link to our website to download papers.

The important detail about this course has been mentioned below:

  • Course Name: Theromodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • Course Code: PHE-06
  • Category: Elective Course
  • Programme: B.Sc. Physics

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In term of total marks, it carries 70% weightage whereas 30% weightage has been given to Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA).

Note: Students have to submit the Ignou phe-06(E) assignment in Hindi or English at their concerned study centres before filling up the examination. If not submitted, the result will not be declared for this course.

Ignou PHE 06 Question Paper Format

It is of 50 marks paper and the maximum allowed time to complete this paper is two hours.There are a total of five questions in this paper. Students have to answer all these questions to complete the exam. To solve the answers, the university has allowed the Use of log tables and non-programmable calculator.

The weightage of marks for each question is assigned with it.Students can write answers in their chosen medium of instruction i.e. English or Hindi.

Here, the students will be able to download last five-year question papers in the form of PDF file. They can either take print out or save the pdf file on their mobile or desktop.

Here are few important questions which may appear in the upcoming phe-06 exam:

Ques1. What is Zeroth law of Thermodynamics? Why is it so named?

Ques2. Explain the correlation between entropy and disorder.

Ques3. State Gibb’s Phase Rule. Give an example.

Ques4. Explain Joule – Thomson effect and obtain an expression for Joule – Thomson coefficient for a Vander Waal’s gas.

Ques5. Derive Sackur – Tetrode equation and show that it is free from Gibb’s Paradox.

Download Ignou PHE 6 Question Papers

There are lot more important questions. We can not mention all the questions here.Below we have mentioned the year wise links to download Ignou PHE 06 question paper of previous years which consist of important question that may repeat in the upcoming exam:

Year / SessionDownload Papers
June 2017Download
December 2016Download
June 2016Download
December 2015Download
June 2015Download
December 2014Download
June 2014Download
December 2013Download
June 2013Download
December 2012Download
June 2012Download

Ignou PHE 6 Solved Question Papers

The Ignou previous year question papers provided by university on its official website does not contain the answers of the questions. Students have to solve these papers by themselves.

Due to less time, few students look out for solved question papers. If you are one of them and need answers of these questions, then please send email at [email protected] to get Ignou phe 06 solved question papers.

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