Ignou PHE 9 Question Paper

IGNOU PHE 9 Question Paper of Previous Years

Here, the students can download Ignou PHE 9 question paper of previous years. We have provided the direct links to download question papers of last 10 years of Ignou B.Sc. Physics course PHE-9. Before downloading the question paper, you must know some important details about this subject.

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In this article, We have also provided the link to download Ignou Physics question paper of June 2018, June 2017, Dec 2016, June 2016, Dec 2015, June 2015, Dec 2014, June 2014, 2013, 2012, etc. It will help students in knowing the latest pattern followed by Indira Gandhi National Open University in the term end examination.

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Here are the details about the programme:

  • Programme Name: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Course Code: PHE-09
  • Course Name: Optics

IGNOU PHE 9 Previous Year Sample Questions

Here are some important questions which have been taken from previous question papers of PHE-09 course. As these are important papers, so these may repeat in upcoming exams.

Ques1. What is Poynting vector ? Write its expression and depict it pictorially.

Ques2. List three differences between Biprism and Lloyd’s mirror fringes.

Ques3. Define Coherence time and Coherence length with reference to temporal coherence.

Ques4. Explain the Rayleigh criterion of resolution of two diffraction patterns.

Ques5. Explain the role of refraction in image formation. Why are we unable to see under water ?

Ques6. Obtain an expression for shift in fringes when a thin transparent sheet is introduced in the path of one of the beams in a double slit interference experiment.

Ques7.What are Fresnel half period zones? Show that the area of each Fresnel half period zone is nearly the same.

Ques8. Derive the formula for Resolving Power of a Microscope.

Below, We have provided the link to download previous question papers of M.Com (MCO-1) course for the following years:

Download Ignou PHE 9 Question Papers of December & June Term End Exams

IGNOU PHE 9 Solved Question Papers

The question papers provided by Indira Gandhi National Open University are not solved. Students will not find answers with them.They have to look into their study material or books to get the answers.

In case, if they require IGNOU PHE 9 solved question papers of last 10 years in the form of book, they can send an email at [email protected] mentioning their query. They will get reply as soon as possible with the best possible solution.

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